August 30, 2017

The 2017 season is here and, yes, we are back

By Christan Shirk

OK, we know, we left it for late, but is back for another season.

The website can probably best be described as a spare time hobby for a couple of guys with the contributions of a handful of others, and as personal, family, work/career and church/civic responsibilities and commitments change and fluctuate, sometimes we are on top of things and sometimes we are not. And some years it’s in doubt whether the website will return for another season. This was another off-season in which the continuance of the website was in limbo and, on the heels of perhaps our best off-season ever in 2016, preparing for the 2017 season has, conversely, come at the eleventh hour.

And, to be honest, it may prove to be a rocky, uneven season for the website as we go through some transitions (more on that in another column), but the basics of the website—schedules, results, team pages, conference standings, etc.—should be available and up-to-date throughout the season. And outside of a few glitches, errors and oversights, the schedules, standings, and team pages have been readied for the 2017 season (except that coaching changes have not been input yet). Additionally, the annual What’s New? column is forthcoming.

We are glad to have you back for another season of coverage. Please spread the word that we are up and running despite appearances just a week ago. We ask for your patience and understanding as we do the best we can with the limited resources and ever-diminishing time that we are able to devote to this hobby of ours.

And on that note, if you have any serious interest in contributing to the website or coming on board to help administer the website, please contact us. Our greatest immediate need is more behind-the-scenes help, versus additional writers/columnists (e.g. if there’s no one here to edit, format, and post an article, there’s little point in having someone write it.). Looking long-term, the website’s future probably depends on new blood taking over the website.

Here’s to another exciting season of Division III soccer. We are glad to be along for the ride with all of you.


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