November 13, 2019

NCAA Preview Edition

By Matthew Zinner

We have finally made it to the best time of the year. The new season. Tournament Time. Everyone is back to square one and believes that they can make it happen. Up to this point, the rankings were based on teams’ performances, talent, and future likelihood of success. Now a new element has been added to the mix: the bracket itself. Certain teams will be moved up and down the rankings based on the perceived difficulty of their path. To win it all, you are going to have to beat excellent teams. But getting an “easier” first weekend certainly helps. Now to the rankings.

Title Favorites

1. John Carroll Late October:   No. 9  |  17-2-2 (.857)  |  40 GF / 15 GA
  John Carroll vs. Washington and Jefferson + (Centre vs Kalamazoo): I think that of all the “one seeds” JCU has the easiest road to Greensboro. All of the top seeds are favored to get out of the first weekend, especially those that were actually able to host. JCU also should have the easiest Sweet 16 matchup with the winner of a down western region awaiting the Blue Streaks. There is usually no such thing as an easy Elite 8 game (although Tufts didn’t heed that message against Montclair State last year) and this will be no different. A potential matchup against the likes of Franklin and Marshall, Kenyon, or Rochester will be entertaining, but I’m taking JCU at home to finally get over the hump.
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Zinn's Contenders


Zinn's Contenders is an attempt to project the current year men's national champion based on a combination of facts, opinion and a bit of insider's knowledge. 


Matthew Zinner

Matthew Zinner was a four year member of the Tufts Men’s soccer team winning two national championships in 2014 and 2016. After graduation he spent one year as a member of the coaching staff, winning a third national championship. After five years of division III soccer, Matthew hung up the boots to attend medical school. With his abundant free time, he is still an avid follower of Tufts and DIII soccer as a whole.

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